Here are a few djembe-related companies started by Abdoul's students with his assistance and encouragement: Drum Skull Drums, System Krush (ksk), One Tree Drums.

KSK has recently released a trailer for their feature-length documentary on traditional music, dance, and lifestyle in Mali. Abdoul is the field producer for this film and he will be one of featured artists. The title track of his CD "Denbaya" is the soundtrack for the trailer. Abdoul's is also featured briefly at about the 4 minute mark of this KSK video short.

Abdoul's good friend Ibrahima Sarr and his group can be seen in the short film "Porte 386" by Oliver Conrardy. Filming took place during the recording of Ibrahima Sarr's album Porte 386 for the Fonti Musicali label. Along with Mady Keita, Ibrahima Sarr and Abdoul Doumbia were all students of Moriba Keita and often studied together as young players. The film also includes footage of ngonifola and singer Adama Coulibaly who collaborated with Abdoul on his album Denbaya.

The Mali Assistance Project, founded by Karen Marx, has done some wonderful charity work for Zambougou-Fouta.

The Bari Ensemble, a group of musicians and singers from Abdoul's home village of Zambougou-Fouta have released a full-length cd of their music available through ksk or cdbaby. The same Bari Ensemble is featured on the last track of Denbaya.

German scholar Rainer Polak has completed a study of rhythmic feel and meter in Jembe music from Mali. The study is published by the society for music theory. "Anke Djé Anke Bé" is one of the works cited.