Abdoul Doumbia


"Abdoul’s first album recorded in Mali is an explosive demonstration of rhythmic mastery. With his tasteful articulation of space, accent and phrase on a broad range of instruments, from djembe, to double nang-nang (bell), to Jeli dun-dun, to bongolo, Abdoul re-affirms his knowledge and mastery of the vast percussion traditions of Mali. Combining diverse arrangements with deep cultural knowledge, Abdoul creates a fresh and unique sound, at once modern and traditional. Accompanying are some of Bamako’s hottest young players, featuring Adama Couloubally, a soulful vocalist and rising star of the kamelen ngoni. Listen to Abdoul as he truly makes the drum speak." -Label Press Release.

Denbaya is produced by System Krush and is available directly through ksk, at Drumskull Drums, or on cdbaby.


Mandeng Tunya

"M'Faké is Morikeba Kouyate (kora, lead vocals), Karamba Diabaté (balaphone), Abooul Doumbia (djembe, vocals), and Joh Camara (dunun, nga nga vocals). M'Faké translates as 'our father's work'. The band chose this name to acknowledge their commitment to the traditions of their ancestors." -Label Press Release.

M'Faké is produced by instrument builder Jeff Bodony and is available through his company Mandinka Magic, or on cdbaby.

Abdoul Doumbia

Abdoul Doumbia

  • Modern Tandro Dogon
  • Sou Nou Maraka Somono
  • Ferabanca Dou Nou Ba

Abdoul's debut CD was recorded in Rhode Island in 1995. It is self produced, self titled, and features Abdoul as the sole performer. Listen as he combines both well known and rarely heard percussion instruments to create unique arrangements of pieces in the core djembe repertoire, his own creation "Modern," and rare interpretations of music from the Dogon and Somono peoples.

This album is out of print but has been made available for sale as a download by Drumskull Drums.